Sister Tribe Boutique Rewards

VIP’s of Sister Tribe

As a THANK YOU to my supporters and customers, I’m creating a VIP Facebook group. The benefits of this group will include:

  1. FLASH sales & deals for products that may not be available on the website.
  2. Sneak peeks at NEW ARRIVALS before they are posted on the website!
  3. A COMMUNITY of sisters to share, discuss and give opinions. This does not even need to relate to clothing or fashion! I’d love ALL women (small business owners, moms, professionals, college students, retired, corporate, health & fitness newbies and pros, teachers, etc) to share information, advice, and suggestions. We can all learn from one another!
  4. News and background on brands. Feedback on how you feel about those brands and your reviews.
  5. Special COUPONS and PROMO codes that will NOT be available to the public.
  6. Polls & questionnaires regarding what YOU would like to buy!
  7. Sample sales AT COST!



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