CHRISTmas is a coming….

This weekend we had our first event of the holiday season with the Jingle Bell Market in Anderson, Texas at Anderson-Shiro Elementary School.  Unfortunately (profit wise) there was not a very large crowd.  However, I (personally) got a lot of Christmas shopping done, so it was worth it.  I really didn’t expect to make a large profit, but knowing that the vendor fee goes back to support the school and education, makes a former teacher’s heart happy.  Sister Tribe has my heart, but teaching will always be my first love.

Although it was a small event, the amount of talent in the vendors attending the event was amazing!  My goal this year is to purchase all my Christmas gifts from local businesses – that includes my children.  It’s nice to know that you are “giving” a gift to 2 people – the person receiving the gift and the person who sold the gift.  Although I didn’t get to stop by every booth, I was impressed with each one I was able to visit with and (lucky for you) I am going to share their talents in case you are looking for unique, local gifts as well!


Sweet Home Sweets

A local young lady, who has grown up participating in the Grimes County Fair, attended & graduated from Texas A&M University, and who has established a recipe for success with her Sweet Home Sweets business located in Anderson, Texas.

sweet home sweets

Analeigh Lamb, the owner and “Chief Everything Officer of Sweet Home Sweets, has a constantly growing menu of sweet creations made from scratch.  Currently she has a three categories of sweets – brownies and blondies, cakes and pies, and cookies and bars.  I purchased the Coco Loco Triple Chocolate Brownie, Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Pumpkin Pie Blondie, and Bye-Bye Dollies Blondie.  My kids, husband, and I all gave her an A+ rating.  Absolutely delicious and look forward to ordering a few for our next family event!  Check out the Facebook page for updated information and local events or the website for the menu and ordering information!

The Fruitful Vines 

We had the pleasure of having a neighboring booth with The Fruitful Vines.  Candice Vines, the owner, and her 2 daughters were working the day of the event and I learned her daughters are just as talented as their mother.  One daughter created unique, customized notebooks and magnets, while the other daughter had a talent for sewing.  They grow and use herbs, from their garden, to make the organic products – including lip balms, salves, soaps, tea baths, and lotions.  I purchased one of each of these products, and you could literally smell the freshness.  I’m excited about using the healing salves!  After recently being diagnosed with auto-immune, I am trying to “convert” to full organic products since most of the research about the disease suggests using all organic  to help control the symptoms that come along with having different auto-immune diseases.  To order, visit her Etsy Shoor Facebook Page!


Horseshoe Candle Works & Gifts

Local residents, Debbie Phillips and Kim Allen, create quality scented smell goods and beautiful, unique crafts!  They had an assortment to offer including air fresheners, candles, Christmas decor and crafts, handmade ornaments, keychains, and much more.  Almost any of the crafts can be personalized, which they do as well.  I purchased 2 beautiful wooden unicorn ornaments for my daughters, with their name on each, and a couple additional gift items.  To me, when you personalize a gift, it really shows you put time and effort into it, instead of a rushed, last minute buy.  😉  Check out their Facebook Page for local events they will be attending!


Amber Moreland – Custom Sewing

I found out that I actually went to school with Amber’s husband, and worked at Navasota ISD with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law!  Amber has a talent for creating and sewing unique gifts.  I will definitely be purchasing one of her custom casserole carriers!  It was designed well, and very useful – yet convenient to store – unlike the bulky carriers that you have to make room for!  Although, I didn’t get to look as long as I would have liked to, I did notice that Amber makes custom handbags, pot-holders, and much more!


Cara’s Creations

Cara Mooreland and JoAnna Mooreland, a mother and daughter team, are educators by day and skilled creators by night.  They offer many different types of home decor, as well as, seasonal gifts.  I purchased a specialized wine glass, a fabric Christmas tree, and a “Key for Santa”.  I am so excited for Christmas Eve, so my daughters can hang Santa’s key on the door.  As they are getting older, they are afraid Santa will pass them up since we do not have a fireplace.  What a clever idea!  Now, I can reassure the girls that Santa will have his own special key to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve!  Cara’s Creations attends local events in Grimes County and Navasota.  Visit their Facebook page for additional information.

By the way, I taught in Navasota with Cara and JoAnna.  They are both very dedicated, active teachers!  I can’t believe they can fit anything else into their busy schedules, but here they are – killing it!


A Present from a Bird

Plantersville resident, Jennifer Penny, attended the Jingle Bell Market with her personalized gift boutique, A Present from a Bird.  She offered a variety of personalized shirts, hats, cups, mugs, kitchen decor, and much more!  In a neighboring booth, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law featured custom hand-sewn blankets and signs.  I purchase a small blankie for my daughter, which had different shapes and each shape was a different texture of material.  I can’t wait to give it to Audrey, and I am hoping it will replace her current blankie!


There were many more vendors I did not get a chance to visit.  😦

Rust to Roses is located in Anderson, Texas and I hoping to get by soon to check out their unique shop!  My mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend Jannel all highly recommend them, so I know they are great.  Luckily, they have a physical shop in Anderson, so I am hoping to get by there soon!  They offer a variety of items including custom handbags, women’s fashion, home decor, jewelry, and seasonal items.


So, when you’re making your Christmas list, don’t forget the creative talent we have within our community!  Shop small, support local businesses – give 2 gifts in 1!  Happy (Pre) Holiday Season everyone, and don’t forgot the main reason for the season!

XOXO, Robyn, Chief Sister Triber

Sister Tribe

We’d love for you to check us out as well!  We carry unique, quality made women’s and girls clothing in contemporary and curvy sizes.  Our focus is to provide quality, true to size clothing, at an affordable price, with the convenience of ordering online or local delivery options!


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