The Founding of Sister Tribe

No, I Don’t Dropship

So, you’re doing this dropship thing now, too???  I’ve been receiving this question quite a bit, so I thought I would explain my set-up.  🙂


First of all, NO I do not DROPSHIP.  Nothing against any individuals or businesses who prefer this method, it was just not something I felt comfortable with.  After researching the possibility of using this method of delivery, I decided it took the “personal touch” out of business practices.

I was raised in a small town, small community, with a lot of local business owners that have laid out a great example of how to operate a successful business.  My parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have or had successful small businesses.  The one common theme among the businesses – they care!  I’ve seen the devotion, time, effort, sweat, blood and tears that go into opening a business.  In fact, I’ve always said, I will never own my own business!  (Lesson 1 – NEVER say NEVER!)  It is the analysis of several business owners that helped me decide on how I want to operate a business.  So, what do I feel is important?  Communication, showing care and compassion, genuinely wanting to help others, going out of my way and expecting nothing in return, and personal thoughts with recommendations is what I determined were the most important aspects of MY business model and plan.  I just did not feel like I could incorporate these aspects into my business by using the dropship method.

Therefore, I have transformed a former gameroom into an office space and inventory management.  Using this method, I am able to personally inspect each and every item  I will sell for quality, and ensure it is a product that I want to represent my business.  Is it the easiest way?  No.  However, I value these aspects when deciding on a business I want to work with, so I felt it was important to incorporate these qualities into my own business plan.

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it, but I will pay a little extra money to support someone who is LOCAL, TRUTHFUL, HONEST, and not obsessed with the profit margin.  We all need to make a living, but I feel like this can be accomplished with the end goal of helping someone.  I try to live my life by the philosophy “When you do good things for others, don’t expect good deeds to be returned.  Do it because you enjoy making someone’s day” (Rita Zahahra).  I do it because it makes me happy and fulfilled and truly believe in “good karma”.  Everything comes back to you in some form or fashion, so it’s important to maintain a good character and work ethic, because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

So, have questions about my products?  Ask away!  I will be more than delighted to share my experience, reasoning for selections, and any other question you might have!

What do YOU feel like are the most important aspects to incorporate when starting a small business?  Feel free to share your thoughts on FacebookPrivate VIP GroupInstagram, or Pinterest !

The Founding of Sister Tribe

Where do I start?!?!

Photo credit:  Kristi Bracewell Photography


I’ve always played it safe, not taking many risks in life.  Starting a small business is definitely a BIG RISK and NOT playing it safe.  However, I decided recently that I needed a change.  I enjoy visiting new places and going to small, local boutiques.  Usually, when visiting most boutiques, it’s rare to find a place that offers plus size clothing.  So, I came up with the concept, why not find all of these different, unique brands and have them located in one place?

THIS is where the journey started.  I began researching brands, where they were made, the quality reviews, and contacting companies for wholesale opportunities.  I decided that I wanted to promote Texas and USA made products, for the most part – so I researched several companies and their backgrounds.  My goal is to stay local, and stay small.  I want to offer unique fashion, to my community, in clothing options of all sizes.  If you notice, on my website ,  many of the styles have limited inventory.  I did this purposely.  I want people to have a uniqueness about them and their style.  I don’t want to see everyone wearing the same exact thing.  We are all different, and it is important to express our differences through many different outlets, with fashion and style being one of those creative outlets.

My second goal, was to ensure the products I offered are AFFORDABLE.  I am a mother of 2, middle class, one income family.  I know how important it is to budget.  Although, I enjoy looking and trying some of these brands at the high end stores in the mall or exclusive boutiques, the price is way above my budget.  I strive to offer a few of these same brands, at an affordable price.  Women, mothers especially, have the tendency to put ourselves on the back burner.  I think it is important to treat ourselves sometimes.  We can get the job done, while looking good, too, right?

Although it is a very scary feeling to put yourself out there to the world, I WANT the feedback and criticism.  I’m not, by any means, an expert.  I’m just a woman, trying to share my style and fashion, support my family, and gain some fellow sisters to add to my tribe.  Different people provide different perspectives.  I feel that is super important in order to grow and learn, to have a tribe that is honest, supportive, and genuinely wants to see other succeed.

With that being said, I would LOVE to hear from you!  I want feedback, suggestions, encouragement, criticism, and support.