When you support a SMALL BUSINESS…

Jannel and I had a wonderful vendor event at April Sound Country Club this Wednesday for the April Sound Ladies’ Association Holiday Market.  Not only is it fun to meet customers and “show off” our clothing, but it’s interesting to meet the other vendors as well.  I love hearing their stories, and it reminds you, when you support a SMALL BUSINESS you are supporting an actual PERSON and FAMILY.

My goal, this Christmas, is to purchase all my gifts from a local, small business.  It makes my heart warm and giddy knowing that I am supporting someone local and part of our community.  Part of my vision for forming “Sister Tribe” was to promote other small businesses in our area, especially women business owners.  Too often, I find women criticize one another.  Why?  We should be there to support one another.  Most of us know and understand the daily struggles a woman endures and all the stress that comes along with just simply being a woman.  So, why not help each other out?

I have created an interactive app for Sister Tribe that I am hoping will bring together a “tribe” of women.  Promoting “Sister Tribe Boutique” is only a small portion of the app.  I really want it to be a resource for connecting with women in our community, promoting local small businesses, offering recommendations for good reads, providing information about community events, and simply allowing women to connect with one another.  After all, WE understand and can relate!  The app is currently available on Google Play and iTunes App Store.  It is still a work in progress (ironic because so am I), but I hope you will take a look at the different functions I’m implementing and try them out!

One important feature I am implementing is a “Local Small Business Directory”.  I plan to utilize this when I start my Christmas shopping, so I can find unique, local gifts.  I met many awesome vendors, Wednesday, at the April Sound Holiday Market and will be including them as well.   If you own a small business, please send me your link, and I will be happy to add you as well.  No catch, no fees – just simply helping and promoting to “pay it forward”.


Below, I will list a few of the awesome vendors I met.  Check out their social media or webpages!

Wreaths By Mary

The pictures simply do not do these beautiful wreaths justice!  The detail, creativity, and quality is simply amazing!  Mary is the owner, and has a store front, in addition to attending local events.  She will even be at the Nutcracker this year, so if you are attending – go check out the beautiful wreaths!


They even have a wreath that matches our Crazy Train Fall “Happy Harvest” shirt!

The Garden Lady – Texas

Not only is Vickie, the owner and talent behind “The Garden Lady – Texas”, she is also a hoot!  After a long day of standing on our feet and getting stuck in the pouring down rain, she had us rolling with her sense of humor and stories!  My girls and I LOVE her grape jam.  She makes MANY different flavors, in addition to pickles, relish, and other jellies.


Scentsy Consultant Kim Merdian

Kim had a large selection of fragrances (in stock), and products for your home, car, kids, etc!  Everything smelled amazing, and I loved the little stuffed animal buddies that can be clipped on a backpack.  Visit her site to see additional products and scents, or book a party with her!


Mary Kay Reps Gaylene Koehn and Cynthia Ponder

Gaylene and Cynthia gracefully shared a portion of their space at the April Sound Holiday Market.  Well, truthfully, we kind of invaded their space, but they were kind not to kick us out.  LOL 🙂  These women are knowledgeable about every Mary Kay product and skin care line.  They can host an in-home party, schedule a one on one consultation, or make recommendations based on your skin type and complexion!


Drawing by Stephanie “ARTiculating Memories into Masterpieces”

Pure TALENT!  Stephanie is an incredibly talented freelance, professional artist and custom framer.  She can create hand-drawn drawings and portraits of people, animals, architecture, and much more!  We met at the end of the show, as we were waiting out the storm, and they graciously helped us load the truck afterwards.  I learned that she is a former teacher as well!  Stephanie can be reached at 832-244-5511 or colorwheels2016@gmail.com


Wine Shop at Home, Loretta Jammal – Wine Consultant 

If you are interested in learning more about wines, or even a wine expert, Loretta is the person to call.  As a wine consultant, she organizes and hosts in-home tastings and offers wines that can not be found in stores.  Contact Loretta to host a tasting, and swirl, sip, and enjoy exclusive, award winning wines in the comfort of your own home!



The Founding of Sister Tribe

No, I Don’t Dropship

So, you’re doing this dropship thing now, too???  I’ve been receiving this question quite a bit, so I thought I would explain my set-up.  🙂


First of all, NO I do not DROPSHIP.  Nothing against any individuals or businesses who prefer this method, it was just not something I felt comfortable with.  After researching the possibility of using this method of delivery, I decided it took the “personal touch” out of business practices.

I was raised in a small town, small community, with a lot of local business owners that have laid out a great example of how to operate a successful business.  My parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have or had successful small businesses.  The one common theme among the businesses – they care!  I’ve seen the devotion, time, effort, sweat, blood and tears that go into opening a business.  In fact, I’ve always said, I will never own my own business!  (Lesson 1 – NEVER say NEVER!)  It is the analysis of several business owners that helped me decide on how I want to operate a business.  So, what do I feel is important?  Communication, showing care and compassion, genuinely wanting to help others, going out of my way and expecting nothing in return, and personal thoughts with recommendations is what I determined were the most important aspects of MY business model and plan.  I just did not feel like I could incorporate these aspects into my business by using the dropship method.

Therefore, I have transformed a former gameroom into an office space and inventory management.  Using this method, I am able to personally inspect each and every item  I will sell for quality, and ensure it is a product that I want to represent my business.  Is it the easiest way?  No.  However, I value these aspects when deciding on a business I want to work with, so I felt it was important to incorporate these qualities into my own business plan.

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it, but I will pay a little extra money to support someone who is LOCAL, TRUTHFUL, HONEST, and not obsessed with the profit margin.  We all need to make a living, but I feel like this can be accomplished with the end goal of helping someone.  I try to live my life by the philosophy “When you do good things for others, don’t expect good deeds to be returned.  Do it because you enjoy making someone’s day” (Rita Zahahra).  I do it because it makes me happy and fulfilled and truly believe in “good karma”.  Everything comes back to you in some form or fashion, so it’s important to maintain a good character and work ethic, because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

So, have questions about my products?  Ask away!  I will be more than delighted to share my experience, reasoning for selections, and any other question you might have!

What do YOU feel like are the most important aspects to incorporate when starting a small business?  Feel free to share your thoughts on FacebookPrivate VIP GroupInstagram, or Pinterest !

Sister Tribe Boutique Rewards

VIP’s of Sister Tribe


As a THANK YOU to my supporters and customers, I’m creating a VIP Facebook group. The benefits of this group will include:

  1. FLASH sales & deals for products that may not be available on the website.
  2. Sneak peeks at NEW ARRIVALS before they are posted on the website!
  3. A COMMUNITY of sisters to share, discuss and give opinions. This does not even need to relate to clothing or fashion! I’d love ALL women (small business owners, moms, professionals, college students, retired, corporate, health & fitness newbies and pros, teachers, etc) to share information, advice, and suggestions. We can all learn from one another!
  4. News and background on brands. Feedback on how you feel about those brands and your reviews.
  5. Special COUPONS and PROMO codes that will NOT be available to the public.
  6. Polls & questionnaires regarding what YOU would like to buy!
  7. Sample sales AT COST!



Hayden – LA

hayden la

I recently received new arrivals from Hayden LA.  Hayden LA carries contemporary, plus, and girls sizes.

Every product, so far, is true to size.  I decided to try Hayden, because they were recently featured in Forbes as America’s Most Promising Companies.  I have to admit, I was totally impressed with the style and quality of each product!  I was drawn to their clothing designs because of the trendy, yet bohemian aspect in each piece.  “Hayden Los Angeles is for the nomadic, free, bohemian woman who has a distinctive take on fashion.  Based in Los Angeles, we create relaxed day-wear to signature textiles that kiss the sun.  Our subtle hues and earthy designs inspire women to push boundaries and dress to their imagination.  Hayden LA is known for her confident charisma and modern take on style.” (Hayden LA)

Check out the new arrivals!